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What is TRX Freestyle?

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TRX Freestyle is a fun, easy and efficient way to work out outdoors! Using suspension straps from TRX, sandbags and kettlebells, it's an outdoor workout to benefit the body and mind. Classes are easily adaptable for all fitness levels and ages, creating a welcoming community.


Each class uses a different combination of fitness tools and exercises to keep the classes exciting and fun. Simply show up with a mat and a positive attitude!



It's truly functional fitness on the go.

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Meet the team


Elizabeth Gaddy

Raleigh native and NC State fan

Developed a passion for fitness after college

Completed Sandman Triathlon and multiple 5-10k races

Drawn to TRX during covid

​Love TRX because I can do it in 20-30 minutes and don't get super sweaty.

Married to Parker and have three children: Walker, McLean, and Emma Bailey.

BSN - UNC Chapel Hill, Certified TRX instructor, RN/BSN


Paul Baron

Ph.D. Human Movement Science

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Certifications from American College of Sports Medicine, NSCA, CrossFit, TRX

Former US Marine
Completed 19 Ironman finishes
Been in fitness education for 28 years
Worked out with TRX straps since they first came out in 2001
Started TRX Freestyle to provide the vibe of a fun fitness community that can be enjoyed by every age, fitness level and goal
Live in Raleigh with my 13 year-old son, Kirk.


Meredith Sparrow
Marketing Director

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, UNC Chapel Hill

Lifelong believer in intuitive eating

15 years of marketing experience

Drawn to TRX Freestyle after having third baby

Loves the core workout TRX Freestyle gives me

Enjoys hooking my TRX straps up to my kids' swingset for an easy workout.

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